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for parents



  • Parent involvement

  • Early beginning

  • Listening to recordings

  • Repetition

  • Encouragement

  • Learning with other children

  • Graded repertoire

  • Delayed reading

(also visit the Suzuki Association website)


If a student has to miss a lesson, families should use the parent contact list (sent over email) to try to find a time to switch with other students. Now that I'm only teaching one day a week, it's harder to switch lessons. If you can't reschedule, I'll try to reschedule your lesson during the week. If I can't find a time that week, then it will be a lost lesson. If I have to miss a lesson, I will either schedule a makeup lesson or I will refund your lesson fee. My calendar generally follows the calendar of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


In music acquisition, the parent, child, and teacher form a triangle. All three points of the triangle are equal, and all three legs of the triangle must be respected and nurtured. As the teacher, I am only with the student one or two days a week, so the parent takes on a crucial role at home.


​Semesterly fees (2022-23):

  • 30-minute lessons: $1130

  • 45-minute lessons: $1310

  • 60-minute lessons: $1580


  • Daily home exposure between parent and child

  • Weekly private lessons with me

  • Group lessons with peers

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