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I will support the students who come to lessons to sit back and casually play duets as much as I will support the students who come to push themselves to play at a competitive or professional level.

Students can expect me to use my expertise to help them work towards the goals they set for themselves. I believe my biggest job is to be connected to my students as a human being first and as a teacher second. I want to enable students to tap into what is latent within themselves. This way, they can connect with themselves and others through music.  


  • Weekly private lessons with me

  • Group lessons with peers


If a student has to miss a lesson, families should use the parent contact list (sent over email) to try to find a time to switch with other students. Now that I'm only teaching one day a week, it's harder to switch lessons. If you can't reschedule, I'll try to reschedule your lesson during the week. If I can't find a time that week, then it will be a lost lesson. If I have to miss a lesson, I will either schedule a makeup lesson or I will refund your lesson fee. My calendar generally follows the calendar of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


​Semesterly fees (2022-23):

  • 30-minute lessons: $1220

  • 45-minute lessons: $1400

  • 60-minute lessons: $1670


For my youngest students, I am only with the student one or two days a week, so the parent takes on a crucial role at home. I will take the time to make sure parents know how to be the home teacher. We will use a combination of Suzuki repertoire as well as songs already familiar to the student. 

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