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  • This page is a list of all of the videos, lesson observations, and downloads that have been uploaded after the website was first created.

  • If you are a subscriber (or a lapsed subscriber), this could help you to know which videos are new, so that you know where to focus your attention. 

FEB 6, 2021: Website created

FEB 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics: Pedagogy behind the Beginner Events

   2. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics Pedagogy: Intermediate Events

MAR 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Vibrato "Jail"

   2. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics Pedagogy: Advanced Events

   3. Teaching the Person: Non-Oppressive Teaching

APR 2021

   1. Updated Cellympics Pedagogy: Beginner Events. (added a short bit before the observation)

MAY, 2021

   1. Teaching the Person: Child-Led Learning Gone Right

   2. Teaching the Person: Everybody Wants to be Heard

   3. Teaching the Person: Introducing Tenor Clef

   4. Observations: I added a new section called "Teacher's Cut," where I voiceover my thoughts about the lesson

   5. Teaching the Cello: Setup: Seated Positioning

   6. Teaching the Cello: Setup: Bow Hold Mania!

   7. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics for Teachers: More Events

JUN, 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Theory Sequence, Part 1, 2, & 3

OCT, 2021

   1. Note: I am currently re-vamping a lot of my teaching, as well as doing a great deal of research into intrinsic motivation. I will be back at video-making soon! 

   2. Teaching the Person: The Isolation Mantra

   3. Teaching the Person: Listen & Wait

   4. I added an observation to the end of the Isolation Mantra video

   5. Teaching the Person: Practice Number

DEC, 2021

   1. Teaching the Person: Music Acquisition

   2. Cello Circle: Anatomy for Cellists

   3. Teaching the Person: Using Repertoire to Follow the Child

JAN, 2022

   1. Observations: Fixed broken link to Teacher's Cut. I didn't realize this was broken, sorry!

   2. Observations: Aldus - I normally don't note new observations here, but I thought I would note that Aldus and I experimented with a jazz tune, in case anyone wants to see that. It is the 1/4/2022 lesson. 

   3. Forum: There are quite a lot of new members this year, so I thought I would activate the Forum. It is accessible via the main menu. If you want to comment or ask questions about a video or a lesson observation,  this would be a good place to do it. As usual, you're welcome to contact me directly! 

JUNE, 2022

   1. I have been constantly adding lesson observations, but I just uploaded some compilations of Aaron's lessons. The compilations cut out the small talk and follow the sequences. 


   1. I continue to update lesson observations. Noteworthy are my lessons with Sammy, who started at 3 years old, and my daughter Zoey, who has had irregular lessons since she was 2. Zoey has recently decided to study cello more regularly, but our lessons are in Korean. 

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