• This page is a list of all of the videos, lesson observations, and downloads that have been uploaded after the website was first created.

  • If you are a subscriber (or a lapsed subscriber), this could help you to know which videos are new, so that you know where to focus your attention. 

FEB 6, 2021: Website created

FEB 13, 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics: Pedagogy behind the Beginner Events

   2. Observations: Zoey playlist

   3. Observations: Khaya playlist

FEB 28, 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics Pedagogy: Intermediate Events

MAR 9, 2021

   1. Observations: Grace playlist

MAR 18, 2021

   1. Observations: Group Lessons playlist

   2. Observations: Other Students playlist

   3. Observations: Parent Engagement playlist

   4. Observations: Compilations playlist

MAR 23, 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Vibrato "Jail"

   2. Observations: Sophia 3/23/2021 - Tuning strings; Vibrato; Thumb position; 5th position; Theory

MAR 24, 2021

   1. Teaching the Cello: Cellympics Pedagogy: Advanced Events

MAR 25, 2021

   1. Teaching the Person: Non-Oppressive Teaching

APR 25, 2021

   1. Updated Cellympics Pedagogy: Beginner Events. (added a short bit before the observation)