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These are not cellists. However, these the people that excite me most about teaching these days. They are educational researchers, psychologists, early childhood specialists, authors, parents, and everyday people. I have included only one or two links for brevity, but each person has a whole canon of work that is incredible. There are many other people who have positively influenced my teaching, but for simplicity, I'll keep it at these.

Deci Ryan 3.jpg

Dr. Richard Ryan & Dr. Edward Deci

Researchers on Motivation

Co-Developers of Self-Determination Theory


Dr. Ryan & Dr. Deci and many other scientists have an incredible breadth of research and articles on the SDT website linked above


Peter Gray

Researcher in Psychology

Psychology Today blog series: Freedom to Learn

Blog post: Why Kids are Suffering

Book: Free to Learn


Sugata Mitra

Educational Theorist, Computer Scientist


Ken Robinson

Speaker and Advisor on Arts Education

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