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My Korean Early Readers

I wrote these books for my daughter when she was 4 years old. They are modeled after the "Bob" books (written by Bobby Lynn Maslen, illustrated by John R. Maslen, published by Scholastic). My books progress slower than the Bob books, but mine seemed to be a good progression for my 4-year-old. Feel free to download and share freely with anyone! 

Just a couple of notes:

  • I created a border so that I can cut the books into "kid-sized" books.

  • 나나, 미미, and 하리 are meant to be names. Could be kids, animals, whatever.

  • I left open space so that my daughter and I could draw pictures. My daughter *loved* drawing the pictures for her own book. It helped her at first to have characters who were visually distinct from one another.

  • The #a books are, for the most part, the same as the # books. For example, Book 1 is about the same as Book 1a. I just mixed up the words so that my daughter couldn't memorize the books. 

  • The syllables in parentheses are the new syllables in that book.

  • I am fine with sharing the Word document files if you'd like to edit the books to suit your needs. Just contact me, and I'll email them to you.

These books, combined with the game I created for my daughter, have made her Korean learning fun and easy! If you're interested in the game, just contact me, and I can post more about it here. 

Book 1: 아이 (가, 기, 아, 이, 와, 요)

Book 1a: 아이 
Book 2: 가자! (자)

Book 2a: 가자!
Book 3: 나나와 미미 (나, 미)

Book 3a: 나나와 미미 
Book 4: 아이와 나나 (review)

Book 5: 미미와 아기 (review)

Book 6: 오리와 하리 (리, 오, 하)

Book 6a: 오리와 하리 
Book 7: 누나와 어머니 (누, 니, 머, 어)

Book 7a: 누나와 어머니

Book 8: 하하하! 우우우! (review)

Book 8a: 하하하! 우우우! (review)

Book 9: 우리의 우유 (의, 오, 우, 유)

Book 10: 괴물 (외, 괴, 물, 울, 할, 발, honorifics)

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