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Long-Term & Short-Term Planning
in Suzuki Books 1-4

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This is a course run through the SAA. The course is not part of core units, but is rather considered a supplemental course. Teacher workshop participants can register through the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute only. Click here for course price, schedule, and registration information. 

Logistics for online participants

Internet Requirements:

All sessions will be held on Zoom. Since there will be no recordings available, please do what is in your power to have a stable internet connection. If a participant's video is not stable throughout more than 1 hour of any session, course registration may be jeopardized. Please do your best to ensure that you have proper internet connectivity before we begin.


Read reviews from past online course participants here.


SAA Requirements to register supplemental courses:

  • Registration of SAA Units 1-4

  • Active SAA membership


All Participants:

  • Watch assigned videos before course begins

Online Participants:

  • Keep video on throughout entire course

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