Democratic Teaching
& Child-Led Learning

CelloBello Teaching Training Seminar, July 2021

Andrea Yun, presenter


  1. Introduction

    1. In this session

    2. About me

  2. Slido​ - where you introspect and guide the session

    1. To answer questions, go to and enter code #CelloBello

    2. View responses here​​

  3. Reflection - where we share with each other

    1. Our experiences​

    2. How we were taught

    3. How we want to teach

  4. Presentation - where I tell you things

    1. Self-Directed Education

      1. Democratic schooling (Peter Gray)

      2. Self-directed education (Ken Robinson)

      3. Personalized education (Sugata Mitra)

      4. Agile learning

      5. Unschooling (Akilah Richards)

      6. Child-led learning

    2. The negative power of rewards (Alfie Kohn) - [extrinsic motivation] [grades]

    3. Self-Determination Theory (Edward Deci & Richard Ryan) [SDT]

      1. Autonomy-supportive teaching (Deci & Ryan) [Reeve article]

  5. Application to music lessons - some takeaways

    1. Envisioning the learner as an already complete human being

    2. Competence, Relatedness, Autonomy​

    3. +1 teaching

    4. The language of democratic and autonomy-supportive teaching

    5. Sparking curiosity through exploration [Cellympics teacher website]

    6. Non-linear curricula [Concept List slide]

  6. Wrap-Up [Yeats poem]


in order of approximately how much time it will take to read/listen

** means these are the items that challenged me and influenced me the most